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20120619_CG-LIMS_Agile_Development.ppt screencapEarlier this week I provided a seven minute overview on Agile development in general and our specific application for CG-LIMS. The PEO had asked for it after I showed him parts of a Dev sprint demo and talked him through some of our lessons learned.  After the talking, I showed parts of our Sprint 3 demo.

You can find the slides with some of the key points on CG Portal.  It may be worth a quick skim to make sure what I’m saying lines up with what you’re thinking.   If it doesn’t, please let me know!

I also read three of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto that I think are the most important to us at this point in the project. They also happen to be the three that are most diametrically opposed to the principles that seem to guide the typical work within the Acquisition community:

  • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage
  • Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.
  • The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation

If it causes you some distress to know that Agile values and the principles of the Agile Manifesto are not embraced within the Acquisition community, know you’re not alone. It saddens me too. But please don’t let it slow you down. I was explaining to one of my fellow PM’s after the meeting that I’ve long since give up on getting everyone’s buy in on our approach. We’ll need to keep moving with just enough approval and just enough support for what we’re doing. As we deliver, we’ll continue to make believers one at a time by showing results in the form of working software.

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