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Peaceful Resolution (75_365) on Flickr - NomadicLassOne of the the constant themes since the beginning of this project is that CG-LIMS  exists to reduce the burden on our field units.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been identifying all the work required to implement CG-LIMS as a non-major acquisition.

Today I want to reinforce a message many of you have heard me say in a variety of forums. As we take the project “in house” and leverage the existing ALMIS System Development Agent (SDA) and System Support Agent (SSA), everyone on the project team in CG-9334 needs to see themselves as supporting ALC in delivering the first segment of CG-LIMS.  We must strive to reduce the burden on ALC.

We have fifteen government and contractor FTE’s directly supporting the project in CG-9334. ALC has no FTE’s dedicated to CG-LIMS. When the decision was made to execute as a non-major acquisition and use the existing SDA/SSA, ALC staffing increased by… zero.  In any decision, it may help to ask, “Am I making it easier or harder for ALC to succeed?”

The leaders at ALC are excited about the change in strategy. They welcome the opportunity to deliver, but they have no additional resources yet. Every decision we make in executing the work to field the system needs to be informed by that reality. The staff in 9334 must do everything they can to help ALC succeed.

Obviously we’ll need to get additional resources to the SDA soon.   The configuration, integration, and deployment will take additional resources at ALC. Some of you have already started the work on those contract actions.

Today’s message boils down to this:

Whenever folks in CG-9334 can pick up a burden rather than place it on ALC, we’ll do it.


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