The Simplicity Cycle

Simplicity Cycle excerptI got some great feedback from some of you on Dan Ward’s article I shared with you last week.

I added a pointer in the comments to some of the earlier posts describing his work, including a short book he wrote called The Simplicity Cycle.

Today I want to explicitly beg everyone working on CG-LIMS to carve out an hour to read it sometime over the next week.

Dan Ward is an acquisition professional and a really smart guy. Please let his thinking influence the way you view the “course correction” we’re making now. Every one of you has a part to play in pushing us toward a less complex, more good strategy and solution.

The thinking may seem rogue. It may seem to be counter to the defaults within the acquisition organization. But if we can present ways to simplify the project to deliver it faster and cheaper, executive leadership in CG-9 will likely support it. There is wide support for the project, they just want it faster and cheaper.

But don’t expect anyone above your pay grade to provide the answers. It’s up to you to think out of the box and come up with different ways to deliver.

I am begging each of you to read the book, and I’m challenging each of you to use it as a spark to think differently about what you can do to move us toward a less complex, more good solution. This is the kind of thinking OMB and the CIO are pushing the federal government toward. Let’s do our part!

If his ideas help you critique the existing alternatives or generate new ones, that’s the process working!  Read the book, then go work on the alternatives!

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